Whilst most of us try to keep ourselves looking young, we can’t deny there’s a certain appeal to knowing what we will look like when we are older. This project named ‘The Elders’ required us to film a number of individuals as they are now, and as they would look 15 to 20 years in the future. This was a challenging but fun project filmed entirely on location in Copenhagen, with the final composited footage being part of a significant launch presentation for the client.


Our two make-up artists (Celine and Susan) added frown lines, liver spots, crows feet, beards, moustaches and greying hair to transform our talent into ‘The Elders’ whilst our crew set up the lights and cameras. As we began shooting the first ‘Elder’ the second was in makeup allowing us to get all the footage we needed in just one day. This project also required us to produce 6 email videos, 38 animated sequences, 1 presentation opener video, 4 video wall sequences, and 3 plasma screen loops all for the Lundbeck GCC event in Warsaw this year.

We never intended to create a ‘making of’ video but after a post-event request by our client we put this together.

Heres to growing old gracefully!